As you all know by now Dead gnomes float goes by "Broken". Please sign up on the new website:





"Dead Gnomes Float is an adult guild of mostly high-level toons focusing on end-game PVE content. We make no apologies for our offensive nature or sense of humor. If you are under 18 or sensitive, you've come to the wrong place. Please click the X button on your browser.

If you are interested in joining, please click to fill out an application on the left, or whisper an officer in game. We are a semi-casual bunch of dildos that like generating spousal aggro and feed Barbaros the dirty cookie when he misbehaves.

So, that's the part most of you have read before with a little editing. If this is your first visit, welcome and please note the bold, red underlined text above. We are accepting applications on all fronts, but healers first, dps second, tanks third currently. We're currently working to establish 2 x 10 man groups for regular weekly runs for Arch, OS and Naxx. After some proper gearing and farming, onto Malygos. We expect participation on the forums, TS and Guild Chat. It is incumbant upon the member to include themselves and not sit quietly in a corner steaming.


Welcome or fuck off, your choice. T"